The Business insurance helps you protect not only the company, but also employees, customers, and equipment important for its operation.

            In addition to the insurance that is mandatory when you start a company, there are several complementary solutions that can encourage employees to perform their jobs harder, providing better working conditions and allowing their family members to be included in the policies.

Group Life
The protection for companies that guarantees compensation for employees or their families.
The insurance that protects the company and the goods, guaranteeing coverage for damages to third parties and employees.
The insurance that guarantees the protection of your facilities and the shared civil responsibility between condominium owners.
Group Personal Accident
The complementary insurance that protects employees 24 hours a day.
The insurance that lets you travel on business without worrying about the unforeseen.
Work Accidents
The insurance that protects your employees in case of temporary or permanent incapacity.
Group Health
The insurance that guarantees medical follow-up for your employees and even their families.
Civil Liability
The insurance that covers damages to third parties, on your premises or in off-site work.
Bond Insurance
Insurance that ensures the fulfillment of contractual obligations between Insurer and Insured.

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